News: Mah Sing Group Scoops Malaysia’s Special Recognition In CSR Award Through its Holistic and Life-Enhancing Foundation

Sep 26, 2019

Holistic, integrated, and heartfelt, CSR and the value of enhancing communities and giving back are absolutely at the core of the corporate ethos of Mah Sing Group. Projects are successfully achieved through the company’s Mah Sing Foundation which was set up in 2005. Since this time, millions of Malaysian ringgit have been pledged to an incredible array of meaningful initiatives, both locally and internationally.

By Nadia Willan

The commitment and scope of the community development focus, in-built into the property developer’s DNA, attracted Special Recognition in CSR at the 6th annual PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Malaysia) in April 2019 for Mah Sing Group Berhad: recognition of the Foundation’s involvement in effective, impactful and practical programmes designed to benefit those in need.

The Mah Sing Foundation’s vision is to invent a future that is sustainable and enhances quality of life. This is achieved through reinventing spaces and pledging financial support. Internally the developer’s million is to foster a climate of innovation and collaboration through personal development of staff; responding to market trends; delivering quality; and caring for individuals, communities, and the environment.

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It is the philosophy of “reinvesting hope and changing lives” that ultimately won over this year’s judging panel, who praised the Foundation’s efforts to give young people the opportunity to thrive.

 “Since 2005, the Mah Sing Foundation has spearheaded the company’s CSR and charitable activities, including donating nearly MYR4 million in 2018 alone in support of local schools and non-governmental organisations, impacting more than 18,000 beneficiaries and related programmes. The judges applaud the company’s CSR pillars in Education, Health and Wellbeing and Community Development.”

Projects are related to education, health, disability, welfare, emergencies, green issues, and livelihoods, with the wellbeing of families and the wider community positively affected. Just a few such efforts include offering relief aid for Penang flood victims; repairing and refurbishing homes of disadvantaged families and assisting in loan repayments to enable home ownership and independence; roof repairs for schools; funds for a project providing basic literacy to stateless kids in Omadal Island in Sabah; safe transportation for kids living in rural areas; and greater access to secondary school education.

CSR projects have related to children with special needs, refugees and youngsters with disabilities, as well as the building of a community centre to provide basic computer skills and English language classes for homeless and poor rural families. Contributions to charitable organisations include World Vision, Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia, and National Stroke Association of Malaysia.

The Mah Sing Group’s development projects also follow this community-enhancing focus. These include Southville City @ KL South which aims to bring a real pastoral experience into the lives of urbanites within a Klang Valley township that creates a dynamic and colourful community dynamic. Incredible lifestyle facilities are designed to promote a life-work balance with greenery, impressive activities, and residences created within a framework of privacy and shared spaces, enabling communities to naturally evolve.


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